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Eon aquaculture ventures started 2002 with R&D base project now working in different area like pond water quality management, aquatic health and diseases management, nutrition, stress management and project management.

  Brand Name Description Dose
  •    Feed additive
  Amonex Mold inhibitor combination of organic acid
0.5-2 kg/MT
  Pagabind Dry Feed Pellet binder
2-8 kg/MT
  Nutribind Feed pellet binder
3-7 Kg/MT
   Aquazyme Combination of multi enzymes
400-500 gm/MT
   Nutricell Aqua
Growth Promoter( Glucomannan complex)
  250-500 gm/MT
   QL Fish Meal Stream dried fish meal
Based on formulation
   Eon Fish Grower
Vitamin and Mineral Premix
  1-3 Kg/MT
   Stop ox
Anti oxidant (feed preservative)
10-25 gm/MT
Feed attractant
  0.5-1 kg/MT
  •    Bio Security and Disease Management
Ideal Biocide control all kind of pathogen
20 gm/Decimal and 80 gm/33 decimal
   Bio-Aqua 50
Yucca schidegra extract for Control Pond Ammonia
2-3 ml/Decimal
Increase dissolve Oxygen
3-5 gm/Deciaml
Natural zeolite control harmful gas in pond
6-8 kg/33 decimal
   Ecolite Natural zeolite control pond odor gases
6-8 Kg/33 Decimal
   Hunter Rotenone 9%, Control undesirable fish
27 gm /Decimal for 1 ft dept
Control fry stress
05-1 gm/10 Litter water
  Happy water
Controls phytoplankton bloom
500 ml/Acer
   Oxy-De Vet
Antibiotic (OTC)
1 gm/10 kg fish weight
   Vita-X BC Aqua
PVitamin C and B complex
3-5 gm/ Kg feed
  •    Feed
  Tiger brand eon Nursery feed
  (white fish)
Ideal nursery feed for white fish
Depend on fry weight
   Tiger Brand Nursery Feed
Ideal nursery feed for fresh water prawn
Depend on Fry body weight
   Tiger Brand Nursery Feed
Ideal nursery feed for Bagda
Depend on body weight
   Euro Feed
Fish and Poultry feed
Category wise