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Animal farming focused on the know-how to best guide in both quality and quantity and thereby contribute to sustainable agriculture in Bangladesh. It started with poultry Farmers, then gradually moved to Aquaculture Farmers, then Crop farmers and finally the cattle farmers and by the end of the 9th year, Eon Farming able to develop comprehensive solutions for entire farming communities of Bangladesh. We entered into farming with commercial broiler and layer first. Later in aquaculture farming subsequently expanded in integrated Tilapia farm from TBN (Tilapia Breeding Nucleus) to table fish. Then we started a small scale dairy farm to learn how to produce the best quality milk. At present we are in the process to develop the first ever 100% Pure Holstein Frisian industrial farm, seed stock animals to be imported from Australia in the beginning. This farm will also consist of a state-of-the-art integrated milk processing plant to produce various milk and milk products.

Breeder Farm

Start the operation with 1-day old Broiler parent stock in Breeder farmhouse.

Rear and grow up the Parent stock with proper care.

At the laying age of Parent stock, we collect the fertile eggs.


Collect fertile eggs in the hatchery premises from breeder farm with the proper environment

Set up those eggs in the incubator to hatch out the commercial Broiler DOC

After 21 days received the DOC from the hatchery.

Commercial Farming

Then the young DOC’s are taken to the commercial farm for rearing.

The chicks are grown up with proper nursing and nutrition in a hygienic environment.

After 35 days of age, the birds are taken to the broiler processing plant.

Further processing

Processed birds are bought here to further processing.

Further processed items are ready for packaging.

Healthy and tasty food items like spicy nuggets, garlic meatballs, sausage, kids nuggets, crispy strips etc ready for marketing.

Dairy Integration


Feeding Total Mixed Ration (TMR) to daily Cattle at the Feed alley.

Milking Parlor

Automatic milking at the milking parlor is a system for production of hygienic and safe milk.

Milk Processing

Milk Processing Unit for the production of different milk products.

Milk Products

Milk Products: Pasteurized Milk, Flavoured milk, Butter, cheese, Yogurt and Sweet Curd etc.

Aquaculture Integration

Aquaculture project of Muktagachha, Mymensingh

Egg Checking

Egg Collection

Egg Hatching

Fry Hatching

Tilapia Fish

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