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Weed is a plant considered undesirable, unattractive or troublesome, especially growing where it is not wanted. These unwanted plants grow in the fields where they compete with the crop for water, soil nutrients, light, and space, interfere with irrigation and harvesting operations and finally reduce the crop yields. Weeds also cause several diseases in human beings and animals. They also harbor insects, pests and diseases. Weed management through the use of herbicides is gaining popularity due to several reasons, one of which is non-availability of agriculture labor. Any chemical that kills the plants or inhibits their growth is known as a herbicide.

Product List and Picture

Farmers rely on Eon group to grow better crops while protecting their crops. See our below products which can protect your crops.

Aver 500 EC

Crops: Rice.

Weed: Annual & perennial weeds

Avant 5 G

Crops: Rice.

Weed: Grass, sedge, broadleaf weeds.

Eon-Phoset 480 SL

Crops: Tea

Weed: Annual & perennial weeds.

Vacate 32 WP

Crops: Rice.

Weed: Grass, sedge, broadleaf.

Nirmul 18 WP

Crops: Rice.

Weed: Annual & perennial weeds.

Reaper 10 EC

Crops: Onion, Jute, Spices, Potato, Rice.

Weed: Annual & perennial weeds.

Relief 53 WP

Crops: Rice.

Weed: Annual & perennial weeds.

Format 24 EC

Crops: Potato, Onion, Brinjal.

Weed: Annual & perennial weeds.

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