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  • Internship program: There will be application form with resume attachment process.
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  • There will be application form with resume attachment process.

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Guidelines and Tips

How to prepare Resume Resume gives the first impression we will have on you! You should devote time to create a good resume and do not hesitate to check several times your spelling and syntax. A few tips mentioned below to guide you in the process of resume making:

  • At Eon we prefers customized resume for us. Your resume should highlight the skills and expertise that are the most relevant to the job you are appling at Eon.
  • Most of us take 30 – 40 seconds to read your resume, so you need to think carefully about how you order the information.
  • Your resume should take up just two page. As most attention is given to the first page of a resume, you shoul put all the really important information on your front page.
  • Put your name, e-mail, address and contacts numbers properly.
  • Put your work experiences from the present to your first job.
  • Put your educational qualification from the present to your first job.
  • Mention your hobbies and passion in your resume.
  • Referees should be professional, who may be contacted by Eon. How to prepare for Interview
  • Know about the company In interview we check you have done your homework and have chosen to apply at Eon for a good reason. Before you come to the interview you need to know about Eon, like; business operations, size, products or services, history, goals, and public image etc.
  • Know about the Role Before interview be vary clear about the role of the position at Eon for which you are coming to face interview.
  • Dress upFor male Eoner’s business attire includes formal suits, formal shirt, formal pants, formal shoes of sensible color. For Female Eoner’s business attire includes full sleeve aprons, long slacks or salwar and head cover or pashmina scarfs of sensible color. Clothing that has words, terms or pictures that may be offensive to Eon patrons is unacceptable. Accessories should be in reasonable size, sensible color and noise free.
  • In Time Presence Be vary clear about the interview location, start to interview with sufficient time in hand and should be at interview place at least 15 minutes earlier.
  • Body Language Body language plays a huge role in interview. Put on your confidence even before the interview commences. In the waiting area, should have good posture while standing and sitting. You may not have met your interviewer at this point, it’s still possible that the front desk officer or potential future co-workers are observing you. While first impressions do count for a lot, it’s during your conversation that interviewers will have an extended time to take you in. So Maintain good gesture and posture in interview.
  • Listen and Go slow During interview listen carefully with empathy which shows you are interested and focused. Think before replying to any questions and try not to rush through your answers. If you need to take a moment, take it. Pause, think, reply as it is important to be in control rather than letting yourself ramble

Interview Questions

  • What do you know about our company?
  • What motivates you to join at Eon?
  • What are your strengths?
  • What are your weaknesses?
  • Where do you see yourself in ten years’ time?
  • Do you have any questions?

Who We Are

Life At Eon

At Eon, we ensure equal opportunity, secure and healthy work environment for Eoners. We are Culture and value driven organization that ensure Eoner's long term bondage with Eon. We value our people and their talent/potentials and give them the right platform to grow with Eon. We ensure a fair and transparent assessment process to evaluate & recognize their performance. We ensure work life balance of Eoners to increase their efficiency.

Culture & Values

Since Eon emerges, the company belief in unique culture and values that led the company to create its own identity. STABLE is our Core Values and code to success. Our core values guide us our behavioral actions, the way we work and progress in our business, the way we connect with our communities, and the way we develop people. It is a common language and is a complete guidelines for Eoners towards our every actions for life here and hereafter.

Grow with Eon

EON's aim is to empower the lives of human, so we are committed to build a strong learning culture. By providing valuable learning opportunities and connecting you to key learning areas to support your passion, we empower you to make a difference. We monitor the evolving business environment to help you look ahead in your career and design your professional growth programs to suit your ambition. Our learning programs designed to help you reach your full potential throughout your career journey.

Diversify Business

Eon Group is an Agro Integrated organization and it has footprints in the Agriculture, Aquaculture, Animal feed, Poultry and Fisheries sector. The group is engaged in manufacturing, importing and distributing all types of agriculture inputs into local and global market. We are also engaged in the sector of Pharmaceuticals, Processed food, Dairy and Intl. Franchise restaurant etc. Professionals from different background are working here as a result of diverse business segments. So it is a vast opportunity to work with Eon. Candidates from diverse academics in Animal Agriculture, Crop Agriculture, Business Administration, Healthcare will have the scope to join and grow with Eon.

Learning & Development

Performance Management System

We maintain a structured performance management system combining our values and functional KPI which is a ongoing process. In this system performance assessment take place based on WHAT (Objectives / KPIs) and HOW (Core Values/STABLE) with equal weightage on both. Team sessions are organized during the year in order to set and assess objectives. Eoner's objective / KPI evaluated quarterly and beside this several one to one sessions are organized within team members and line manager throughout the year and end of the year to assess the performance. This process has been set up to ensure that Eoners understand their objectives/KPIs and are able to achieve them. In assessment process employees assess themselves first and then line manager makes final rating after an one to one discussion, from which they also find out the development area of Eoners.


All new Eoners get induction program within 15 days after on-boarding. To make the effective induction program consisting core values, policies and procedures, business nature, business leaders forum, strategic business units, global exposure, functional exposer, field and facilities visit etc. Through this induction all new Eoners have a clear idea about the organization which helps them to be involved with core function.

Tratining and Development Program

Eon is very much passionate about people development. We believe that, growth of Eon depends on the performance and growth of Eoners. Eon also provides training to ensure that skill levels of Eoners are consistent with the needs of the current and future business and to improve their ability to deliver quality service. Therefore, we offer a variety of educational and training programs to increase Eoner's job efficiency and value to the Company. Individuals are nominated to various programs of the following types:

  • On the job training (OJT)
  • In-house Training
  • Local Training
  • International Training

Reward & Recognition

Range of Benefits

Eon make sure that it's compensation packages are motivating to Eoners and also competitive versus the concern industries. At Eon there are different financial and non financial benefits for the RONers. Like, contributory provident fund, gratuity, festival bonus, health and life Insurance, breakfast and lunch facilities etc.

Work Life Balance

To ensure the work life balance of Eoners, Eon has a standard working time with with a good number of leave with pay. Beside the basic leave (Earn, Madical, Casual) Eon has different special leave. Like, Paternity leave, Hajj & Umrah leave, Marriage leave, Special Medical leave etc.


At Eon there are lots of engagement program for Eoners. Like, CEO's Assembly, Annual Picnic for Eoners and their family, Darpon: quertarly internal newsletter with Eoner's activities and sharing, STABLE Champion, Foundation day celebration, Iftar mahfil during romadan etc. Pictorial view of Assembly, Picnic, STABLE Champion, Foundation day, Iftar mahfil etc..

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