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CEO’s Message

Assalamualikum.   It’s been 20 years since Eon started her journey with the vision to contribute to the Agro economy of Bangladesh, thereby complement to the livelihood of marginal farmers that will lead improved lifestyle for them. In Bangladesh two communities are the most neglected and exploited, one is farmers’ community and the other is the consumer community. These two communities never receive what they deserve and mostly deceived be most others. I dreamed to develop a venture which will be working as a bridge to interact with both of these neglected communities by eliminating all the media in between, give them the best what they deserve and thereby sustain our effort with perpetual growth. What farmers need is solutions and farming know-how about the qualitative and quantitative improvement of their products and finally, the fair price of their product.   Eon’s Farm Solutions: We, from the beginning of our operation in Sept 2000, focused on the know-how to best guide them in both quality and quantity and thereby contribute to sustainable agriculture in Bangladesh. With little and no resources of my own, I started the journey of Eon alone with a tiny team from a 1000 sq ft of a rented office in Dhaka and 1200 sq ft of rented warehouses in Gazipur with a dream to bring change in our farmers’ life as well as our own. We started with poultry Farmers, gradually we moved to Aquaculture Farmers, then Crop farmers and finally the cattle farmers and by the end of 9th years we were able to develop comprehensive solutions for entire farming communities of Bangladesh. From 2009 till now our team is focused on perpetual vertical growth of farming solutions /products and horizontal growth of farmers coverage throughout the country. We will not stop until we cover the last farmers of today and tomorrow who are relentlessly working in food production for our country people and we will not stop till we cover the last farmers of today and tomorrow who are relentlessly working in food production for our country people and we will make sure those products are sufficient and health friendly for our citizens, In Sha Allah.   Eon’s Farming:In 2010 we started to think about farming ourselves. Develop the expertise and capacity to be able to products for the consumer community in order to offer more then what they deserved. We entered into farming with commercial broiler and layer first. Later in aquaculture farming subsequently expanded in integrated Tilapia farm from TBN (Tilapia Breeding Nucleus) to table fish. We then started a small scale dairy farm to learn how to produce the best quality milk. At present we are in the process to develop first ever 100% Pure Holstein Frisian industrial farm, seed stock animals to be imported from Australia in the beginning. this farm will also consist of a state-of-the-art integrated milk processing plant to produce various milk and milk products. Consumers are expected our poultry breeder farms already in two locations and more are in the pipelines to come over the next three years. Our horticulture farm already started in pilot scale and expected to be in commercial scale by the end of 2018 for consumers’ to experience chemical residue free vegetables and cereals. Our farming expansion will continue to grow both vertically and horizontally in order to cope with the demand of our consumers.   Eon’s Food Products: In 2014 we started developing food products for our consumers to experience “more than healthy” food that they deserve. One of our food retail ventures is an International Franchise Restaurant bb.q which has earned a great deal of accolades from the consumer community in Bangladesh. We have already launched fish products, chicken products, and egg from our own operations and more products are coming in the near future. By the end of 2020, we shall have all basic food products from our own source of farming and processed in our own factory directly reaching consumer community In Sha Allah. The growth of the food products will also continue to expand both vertically and horizontally in order to meet the consumer’s demand. Eon’s Gratitude: We are grateful to Almighty Allah for the continued blessing to our sustainable growth. Eon Family which we consider consist of our beloved employees, my family members, equity partners, financial partners, suppliers and most importantly farming and consumer community are the main achiever of today’s Eon’s growth. I hope if this teamwork sustains as it is today with the blessing of Almighty, In Sha Allah, we can expect to cater the need of the last person on earth with Eon’s product whether he is a farmer of a consumer.

Momin Ud Dowlah
Managing Director & CEO