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“STABLE” Refreshment Session

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13 Feb 2019

“STABLE” Refreshment Session program by Eon

13 and 14 February 2019, STABLE Refreshment session was held by Eon Group with the Eoners of Eon Head office. This session was led by Mr Sultan Mahmud, General Manager of HR. Other than that, at 14, 15 January a STABLE quiz test was held between the Eoners of Eon Head Office. On that test, the top 10 hopefuls will be remunerated at the eve of next get together. Since Eon develops, the organization has faith in an exceptional culture and qualities that drove the organization to make its very own character. STABLE is their Core Values and code to progress. Eon believes that with the correct sort of projects help the Eoners to develop with the vision of the company