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Eon cattle feed provides the very best for your cattle because better cattle starts with the best nutrition. Find a feed that fits your cattle’s needs.

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There are different types of cattle feed production system in Eon group of Industries. It has different advantages and disadvantages. For pasture-fed animals, the grass is the forage that composes all or at least ensures the great priority of their diet. Cattle fattened in feedlots are fed small quantity of straw supplemented with grain, soy and other ingredients for increasing the energy density of the diet. Eon group is the leading animal feed manufacturer company in Bangladesh. We provide a complete solution for animal agriculture production to confirm highly integrated food for the animals.

Products of Cattle Feed

The cattle should be raised on proper diets, that is primarily composed of pasture (grass) or a concentrated diet of grain, soy, corn and other supplements.

Select the cow for Fattening

  1. 1.5-2 years bull.
  2. Less healthy but disease free
  3. Leg and neck is tall, wide head.
  4. Eyes are bright, the big whole of mouth and the nose is wide.
  5. Bones are strong and the skin is loose.
  6. The bones of the chest and thorax are wide.
  7. The backside is flat and plain and the neck is short and wide.
  8. Normally, It seems to be square when it stands up.

Feeding instructions (Fattening)

Weight of beef (Kg) Daily apply of Grainy food Raw grass, Sylaze straw and UMS (Kg)
75-100 1.0-2.0 3.0-3.5 2-3 times
101-150 2.0-3.0 4.0-4.5
151-225 3.0-4.0 5.0-5.5
226-300 4.0-5.0 7.0-8.0
301-375 5.0-6.0 10.0-10.5
376-450 6.0-7.0 12.0-13.5
451-above 7.0-8.0 15.0-17.0

Fundamentals of Cattle rearing

  • The cattle need to always keep in a clean environment.
  • The cattle house needs to be in a higher place than the land and it should be east-west long land so that it can get enough sunlight.
  • There should be a good drainage system in the room so that water and waste can dispatch easily instead of being jammed.
  • The floor of the room needs to keep somewhat slope from the front side to the back side.
  • The food should serve at the same time every day.
  • Always needs to supply pure and clean water.
  • The vaccine must be given to the cow in regular intervals
  • Every three months, worm-destroyers should be given to the cow to keep them worm free.
  • The cattle should be protected from extreme hot and cold.
  • The cattle shouldn’t be habituated to eat protein related food suddenly.
  • Cattle’s house, used furniture and surroundings of the house should be sterilized with regular spray
  • In an unusual problem, the cattle should be taken to the nearest registered animal doctor in order to take necessary action.

Cattle Feed

Cattle are the most important animal wealth in our agro-based country. The demand for liquid milk and meat is being increased day by day, As a result, cattle firm is growing up in a different area of Bangladesh. For fulfilling the nutrition the value of grainy food is most important with green grass and straw for milk-bearing and fattening cow. Soy, hay, roughage, broken pulse, wheat and husk etc is considered as cattle feed in our country. These feed are good for cattle, but all of the nutritional material is not present in the feed in right and controlled way. And the price difference is more, as a result, the cattle are deprived of a balanced diet. So instead of open food, Eon cattle feed can give the confirmation for proper nutrition in competitive price, which helps to increase weight and produce milk.

Nutritional analysis of cattle feed

Name of feed Bag size Type of cattle Humidity% (max) Protein (% min) Fiber% (Max) Crud Fat%(min) Calcium% (min) NFI% (min)
Cattle (beef) grower 25 Kg Cattle fattening 12 15 11 3 1 50
Cattle (beef) finisher 25 Kg Cattle fattening 12 15 11 3 1 50
Cattle (dairy) regular 40 & 25 Kg For 1-10 liter milk cow 12 16 11 4 1.2 48
Cattle (dairy) hi-tech 25 Kg For 1-10 liter milk cow 12 17 12 5 1.5 48

Cattle’s Physical Weight Diagnostic Formula

Body weight: length x (chest size)2/660 Kg

Length- upper pinpoint of cattle tailor from the higher bone of backside to shoulder point (inch) Chest size- just after front legs towards the back side after one and a half inch.

The feature of cattle feed and usefulness

Features usefulness
A grainy and balanced diet It fulfills the cattle nutrition demand.
Produced from developed and standard valued raw materials. It keeps the quality standard of feed.
Every food material is present at the correct level. It fulfills the proper nutrition.
High metabolic energy and protein are available. It ensures physical growth and maximum production.

Dairy cattle breeds selection

  • History of cattle’s mother milch production.
  • Body structure big, attractive face and small head.
  • Hides of the body are soft, thin and loose.
  • The body structure is triangle and tall, slim legs.
  • Big size stomach and the bones of the chest will be seen clearly.
  • Hinder side legs middle area will be wide.
  • Olan should be a big size and the veins of the olans are swelled and wide.
  • The teats are big size and will be situated at the same distance and it will be error free.
  • Cool minded and Nose, forehead, and mouth will be big size.

The Dairy Cattle Feeding System

Feeding procedure is an important factor for forming a lucrative dairy firm. Because 65%-70% of the total firm investment is spent on feeding. Some rules should follow at the starting point of giving grainy feed to dairy cattle. Such as, For making the cow habituated with the grainy food and for managing in the right way, first one to ten days we have to follow the below procedure:

Day Mixing with the food in the morning Mixing with the food in the evening Tricks to use in the feed.
1-2 days 1/2 Kg 1/2 Kg Before used roughage Soy, hay, broken pulse or with other grainy food it will be mixed equally.
3-4 days 1.0 Kg 1.0 Kg
5-6 days 1-1.5 Kg 1-1.5 Kg
7-10 days 2.0 kg 2.0 kg

After ten days of feeding, the volume of feed amount may be more or less according to the physical weight of the cow.

Grainy food selection rules and application

Amount of milk (Liter) Necessary grainy food quantity for milk (Kg) Feed selection for body weight per cattle (Kg) Total grainy feed per day per cattle (Kg) Daily feeding system
3.0 1.5 1.5 3.0 2-3 times
4.0 2.0 1.5 3.5 2-3 times
5.0 2.5 1.5 4.0 2-3 times
6.0 3.0 1.5 4.5 2-3 times
7.0 3.5 1.5 5.0 2-3 times
8.0 4.0 1.5 5.5 2-3 times
9.0 4.5 1.5 6.0 2-3 times
10.0 5.0 1.5 6.5 2-3 times

Note: Grainy feed 500 gm per day for one-liter milk. And to fulfill the normal demand for nutrition for every dairy cattle 1-1.5 kg feed needs to apply.

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