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Peter Winter

  Brand Name Composition Description  Pack Size
   Livaton Herbal Extracts Repairs lives cells and maintains liver function
500 ml, 1 Lit, 5 Lit
   VitaX BD Gold premix Multivitamin & Multimineral premix Increase meat and milk production
1 kg
   Mega Phos Suspension Calcium, Phosphorus and vitamin D3 Increase milk production, prevents milk fever and osteomalacia
500ml & 1Ltr
   OraZinc Solution Zinc Sulphate Monohydrate Prevents alopecia, parakeratosis etc
500ml & 1 Ltr
   VitaX-ES premix Vitamin E & Selenium Induce heat in heifer and maintain reproduction
   Reviva powder Multivitamin, Mineral, Beta carotene Dextrose and Hoey powder To revive energy after parturition and helps in expulsion of placenta
1 kg
   Milkivit Powder Protein, crude fat, crude fiber, Lactose Vit-A, Vit-D3 and Vit-E, Copper, Ash and Moisture high energy premium calf milk replacer
25 kg
   VitaX-AD3E Injection vitamin a, VitaminD3 and Vitamin E Maintain reproduction, prevent eye disease
10 ml
   MC Vet Inj calcium gluconate, Magnesium hypophosphite, vitamin D3, Dextrose monohydrate and Boric Acid Prevent milk fever,ketosis & Hypocalcemia
200 ml
   Vitaboost Inj vitamin B complex, Iron, Cobalt and Copper Sythesis of Vitamin B complex & Prevention of anaemia
10 ml
   E-Sol Vet Inj Butaphosphan & Cyanocobalamin Acts as metabolic stimulant for fattening
30ml,100 ml